About Spoon

After spending 20 years in live theater alternately serving as an actor, writer, director, composer and puppeteer, I was seduced away by the promise of interactive media. My first set of websites, Telecircus.com launched in 1994, and provided the first official websites for Burning Man, the Residents & several other Bay Area arts groups.

As a user experience designer, I have worked as a consultant to several large corps and orgs, including Ameritech, Apple Computer, Electric Minds, Ariba, the U.N.’s World Heritage Organization, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the California Endowment, TechTV & The Disney Corporation.

I was an associate for 10 years with the Institute for the Future where I have produced many conferences, and directed presenters across the U.S. and in Asia.

I keep my theatrical blood flowing by producing both intimate ANON SALON and large-scale public events SEA OF DREAMS NYE spectacles.

Contact me at spoon@partyscience.com

Follow me on Twitter @ spoon2u


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