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To be human is to be at once divided and united. As we grow more interdependent, we find ourselves thrown together by the commonality of our circumstances, but still separated by the individuality of our desires.

On one hand, we are airborne angels of the science fiction future, and on the other, steaming mammals trapped in ancient labyrinths – ready to rip apart any heroic adventurer who would dare to call us towards transformative liberation.

Crowds – tribes – groups – families – all variants of self in community – at once as instinctive as they are intelligent and as irrational as they are necessary.

Which will it be this time? Will we rise together to the “new” occasion? Or will we succumb to the divisive and polarizing pulls of gravity and self-preservation?

Polarize or tribalize.. Art allows us to make sense of the present moment. Science and technology help us to put it on the map, so that we can direct others to it.

Which way does the wheel turn, and who or what is behind that wheel?

Destiny? Will? God? Evolution? Luck? All and Everything? No doubt.

Each of us in our time gets to lead and to follow… there is a time for both.. and knowing the nature of the many roles we must play and when exactly is the right time to engage is all part of our evolution as individuals and collectives.

Onward and upward!


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